Shark vs. Dyson (What’s the Best Vacuum in 2019?)

Shark and Dyson are two of the best vacuum brands that are currently available in the market. Both brands provide a diverse range of products. They have vacuum cleaners that perform exceptionally without losing suction or clogging. Also, they can be utilized for both carpeted and non-carpeted floors.

Both the companies manufacture vacuums that are designed to make cleaning easier, quicker, and more efficient. In this Shark vs. Dyson comparison, you will learn that both brands use similar technology, and most of their designs share similar features.

In this article, we will compare shark vs. Dyson vacuums to help you decide which the best for your needs is.

Shark vs. Dyson (What’s the Best Vacuum in 2019?)

Both Dyson and Shark are available in various types, including handheld, stick, upright, and more.

Generally, Dyson Vacuums offer higher performance, greater suction, and more features.

Shark vacuums, on the other hand, are considerably less costly than Dyson in most cases, and they still offer an acceptable amount of features and level of suction for most users.

Shark Vacuums Overview

Shark manufactures all types of vacuums, including the robot, canister, handheld, stick, and upright vacuums. Across their line of products, there does not seem to be a shift in the type of vacuum since products have a different exposure time on their site.

They make vacuums that are designed to fit in a modern home. Most shark models are unique, adaptive, and will bend backward easily to make it easier for you to clean your home.

Dyson Vacuums Overview

Dyson makes all the types of Vacuums, including the robot, canister, handheld, stick, and upright vacuums. It can be argued that their superiority lies in the field of cordless stick vacuums. Their Ball technology enables their vacuums to maneuver around objects without hassle. Their vacuums have a bin that is easy to empty – it is positioned at the bottom of the vacuum for easy emptying to your trash can.

Two of the most welcome model of Dyson are V6 and V8 (Know the differences between them). They are not as powerful as the newest version V 11 (or V10) , but would be a better choice if we take price into consideration as well.

Essential Functions – Who Does It Better?

The best vacuums from both Shark and Dyson have some attributes that when compared, can shed some light on what you can expect from them. We have separated the different basic features and functions of this equipment and picked the vacuum model that best in each category.

Corded or cordless

Cordless vacuums can give you freedom from tangling and limiting the ranges of the power cables. The disadvantage here is that the success of the cleaning session is directly dependent on the battery life of your vacuum. Cords can offer a different kind of independence from the power in the battery.


In the upright vacuums category, the winner was the Dyson Ball 2 Animal’s Vacuum was the winner. It has the longest cord of 35’. Its equal counterpart from Shark is the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away that has a cord that measures around 30’.


When it comes to the niche of cordless vacuums, Sharks Rotator Lift-Away canister beats the Dyson Big Ball canister with its 23’ cord. However, both these models are equally convenient as their cords can be retracted to make them cordless.

Cleaning Times

The times and life of a cordless vacuum are typically determined by the flow of energy. Shark enables you to maximize your cleaning time with their Ion F80 dual battery rotation. The vacuums come with two removable batteries. So, one can be in use while the other one is charging, extending the total cleaning time to 80 minutes.

The best Dyson vacuum in terms of cleaning times is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute that has a single battery set up that provides up to 60 minutes. However, their intact battery lessens the user’s options.


When it comes to moving the vacuum around the house when doing household cleaning roles, weight can be an essential factor in the performance of the vacuum for specific applications and user experience.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute beats the others in terms of mobility. This elegant vacuum weighs about 5.88 lbs, making it easy to lift it to any dirty place in your house with minimal effort.

On the other hand, the canister vacuums are the most difficult to carry up or down the stairs. The Dyson Big Ball canister comes with about 17lbs while the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Canister comes with around 22lbs.

Debris collection Capacities

One of the major benefits of using canister and upright vacuum types is to increase the capacity to collect dirt. Who doesn’t like reducing the time used to clean their homes?

In the upright vacuums, the Dyson Ball 2 Animal has a substantial capacity of 0.55 gallons. Its counterpart, Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away, has a capacity of around 0.32 gallons. The canister vacuums from both brands seem to have almost equal dust containment qualities.

Both the manufacturers have done an excellent job to balance the bin size and maintain the airways of their vacuums.


Almost all the vacuums from both Shark and Dyson have HEPA filtration systems. Most consist of multiple filters into the vacuum’s system. So, cleaning begins at the first contact and ends with air escaping from the exhaust of the vacuum.

The HEPA systems assist in eliminating 99.9% of particles that are 0.3 microns or bigger. They purify the air while removing debris, dust, and tiny pollen particles from your home surfaces.

Most of the best vacuums from both manufacturers tie in this category. The filtration systems are elaborate even for the finest debris.

Ditching the Dirt

When it comes to emptying the debris, almost everyone does not want to touch the dirt. Both Dyson and Shark make vacuums that limit the amount of contact between the user and the debris when dumping the dirt in the collection bin.

Shark uses its methods to assist in minimizing dust from escaping from the vacuum during dumping. They have a fine mesh screen within the bin that help users not to get in contact with the debris.

Dyson has a lever action mechanisms that are connected to a sleeve that assists in scraping the dirt from the bin. This hardy setup prevents the user from touching the dirt when emptying the vacuum bin.

Final Verdict

Certain vacuums are better for particular jobs, but when it comes to choosing the best vacuum that can cover most roles, you have to consider several factors. There are a lot of different models that might be better or worse based on the specific features that you require. However, both Shark and Dyson Vacuums have amazing and unique features, and they are both quality vacuum brands with excellent performances.

How to get more deep sleep

If a person doesn’t get enough sleep, the chances of getting depression and gaining weight are very high. Deep sleep is very important, especially when it comes to hormonal regulation as well as physical renewal. However, some people find it hard to get deep sleep because of several reasons, and some of these reasons may involve health reasons, schedule, or even stress. If you are this kind of person, then you should seek help for you to get deep sleep because it is an essential aspect of a healthy life. If you do not know how to achieve deep sleep, then you are in the right place, with these tips, you will be able to understand how to get more deep sleep.

Put off lights

Watching television or using your smartphone before going to bed is not a good idea, especially if you want to have a deep sleep. Your favorite late night movies are one of the leading culprits for sleepless nights. The blue lights from the screen trick your brain to believe that it is not nighttime yet hence making it harder for you to fall asleep.

Maintain a healthy diet

Overlooking meals and drinks is effortless, and many people do not know that the key to excellent and deep sleep is a healthy diet. You should, therefore, avoid foods like pasta and ice cream before going to bed. You must as well stay away from caffeine two hours before going to bed. Alcohol and caffeine are sleep inhibitors and should not be taken within the few hours you plan to go to bed. While some people prefer taking alcohol before sleeping because they say that it helps them fall asleep faster, but the fact is that with it, you will not be able to stay asleep the entire night.

Manage the surrounding temperature

Many people struggle with waking up due to cold or hot temperature; therefore, if you experience any of these during the night, then you should know that it is normal. Temperature can greatly affect one’s sleep; this is due to the frequent sleep interruptions hence reduce the deep sleep periods. To manage this temperature even as you sleep, you can install pod beside your bed; it will be able to automatically detect the temperature of your room and adjust to your preferred temperature hence you will be bake to fall asleep quickly and stay deeply in sleep without any disturbance.

Maintain the consistency of your bedtime

This is a very crucial aspect of getting more deep sleep. Even though it may be challenging to go to bed at the same time every day, it is very important that you do that because this can help you achieve better sleep. If you are determined to achieve good deep sleep, then it won’t be challenging at all, all you need to do is to develop a habit for this. By minting this consistency, your body will be able to find the correct cycle every night.

Track sleep

The best way to start with is to understand well how much deep sleep you are having currently. Sleep monitoring devices can help you to analyze and have a compilation of sleep data. You can be able to have a look at the whole report from the devices and how you are sleeping per day.


To have a deep sleep, you can take your time to relax and clear your mind before getting to bed. When you take time to have a relaxed mind before getting to bed, it helps you to keep away from many daily life stressors. Whether through journaling, meditation, or any other relaxation method, it is crucial to calm your brain before going to bed if you want to have a deep sleep.

Not doing big workouts or meals towards bedtime

When you are about to get to the bed, it is advisable to avoid doing heavy workouts and takings heavy meals. The effects of doing these can be linked to disrupted sleep, and in the process, reducing the amount of sleep you are likely to get. It is recommended avoiding heavy meals and workouts three hours to bedtime.

Not taking a lot of water before sleeping

This is another useful measure to take. If you want to have a quiet night free from any distractions, you need to avoid taking too much water when you are about to get to bed. When you take a lot of water, you will be forced to wake up after at short-time interval, thus disrupting your sleep. Just take a moderate amount of water when you are about to sleep.


If you have a lot of things in your mind, you will tend to spend time trying to imagine a lot of things around you or in your mind. Try as much as possible to relieve your mind from any form of stress, and it will be enough to let you have comfortable nights.

Improve your sleeping environment

To have a deep sleep, you should try your level best to make your sleeping area nit and comfortable for you. When you sleep in a comfortable bed and in a well-maintained room, you will quickly fall asleep, thus increasing your amount of sleep time. You should try to make your bedroom to be a comfortable and full relaxing area where you can recollect yourself and run away from daily activities. Treat yourself well by sleeping in a bedroom designed for great sleep.

Cut the caffeine

Most people take caffeine to try to push through the evening. It is advisable to take caffeine latest by 3 pm. Taking caffeine very late in the evening reduces your sleeping time and the quality of sleep.

Sleep-inducing sound

Inducing sounds works for many people. It is advisable to have either pink sounds or white noise. It might sound strange to some people, but we have a lot of evidence around that proves playing white or pink sounds enhances the quality of your sleep.

These are the main tips you need to follow if you want to get more deep sleep from today.


How to Wash Memory Foam Pillow

Keeping your home fresh and clean is not only a matter of personal preference but also learning how to ensure the things in your home are always cleaned thoroughly. In some cases, the areas in each room can be cleaned without a lot of unnecessary hassle and can be easy to maintain on a regular basis. Based on the type of activity that must be done, there are some strategies that can easily be used. However, before you make your choice, it is important that you do a little research to see which methods are better than other options that people usually have. Having said this, here is what you need to know about the topic how to wash memory foam pillow.

1) Choose A Warm Breezy Day

The timing in which you choose to do this kind of activity can make a significant difference in getting this process done with ease. So, if you want to know the best option for getting things started and on the go, you should know that a warm breezy day is considered to be the best timing. Particularly, if you want to speed up the process of cleaning and drying your memory foam materials. You may also choose to wash these pillows more than once a month if someone in the home is ill and bedridden.

2) Clean Pillows At least Once a Month for the Best Results

While some people may prefer to sleep on a soft squishable pillow, others tend to like those pillows that have a little toughness and sturdiness to them. In either case, to ensure the pillow that the person prefers here is a good cleaning option that can be used for your pillows in your home. Hence, if you are concerned about getting the memory foam pillow cleaned and fresh, you should start with removing the pillow from its outer case. This type of cleaning should be done at least once a month for the best results.

3) Use Your Baking Soda for a Good Thorough Job

As previously referenced, you want things in your home to always remain fresh smelling and clean. In order to do this with a memory foam pillows, you should use baking soda to assist you with this kind of process. For instance, the pillow should be covered very well with baking soda so that it can be freshened up in fragrances. Once the memory foam pillows are completely covered up with the baking soda, the next step is to let them sit around for at least an hour. When the time that you have allowed is up, the next step in this process is to use your vacuum cleaner to pull out the baking soda. Most people use an upholstery brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to do so. Or, if you have one available, a handheld vacuum is perfect for this kind of job too. It is important that you also repeat this same process on both sides so that these pillows will be free of pet hair and can be freshened thoroughly.

Baking soda is an idea for a number of different reasons and purposes since it is a dry solution that freshens virtually any kind of materials. It is also great for saving money with a homemade solution that does not cost a lot of money to buy as an investment to ensure things in the home remain fresh and clean

4) Removal of Stains from the Materials and how to wash memory foam pillow

In some cases, the memory foam pillow may have a few stains on the materials and will need to be cleaned up in order to remove them without having to damage it. Thankfully, the stains can easily be removed in the person follows the activities laid out by professionals. Which is, you can use a small amount of gentle detergent on the pillow that needs washing. The gentle types of detergents that you can find are usually those that can be used to clean and wash silk items or wool. In either event, Plain lukewarm water solution is what will be needed for those stain free pretreated materials.

5) Wash By Hand — Skip the Spin Cycles

To keep these materials intact at all times, you will need to know how to not only wash these foam pillows with the best solution but also keep the materials from being adversely affected by harsh processes. Specifically, when it comes to using the spin cycle because it is harsh enough to break these materials pull apart.

6) Air Dry Each Foam Pillow

In addition to removing all of the stains via a gentle detergent process, you will need to complete the process by drying the pillows too. For instance, if you want to take advantage of the actual drying process of using the air dry system for each pillow, you can speed up the process of getting these things done.


How to Make a Mattress Firmer

To achieve a good night’s sleep, you should have a mattress that is comfortable. It is important that you get a mattress that best suits your needs. However, the mattress might get soft and uncomfortable with time due to wear and tear. This might make you think of a replacement, but this is not always an option, you can as well opt to make it firmer and go back to how it was before, below are some of the tips to help you in making your mattress firmer.

  • Adjust the bedroom’s temperature

Some mattresses tend to get softer with warmer temperatures, especially the memory foam mattresses. Therefore, you should adjust your thermostats in order to make your mattress firmer. If your mattress feels firmer during the cold weather, you can use an air conditioner during summer to make the mattress to be firm. By doing this, your sleep surface will remain at your desired temperature.

  • Mattress topper

If you have a soft mattress that is hindering you from getting a night of good sleep, you should opt for a mattress topper; this will help in making your soft mattress feel firmer. There are various mattress toppers which you can choose from. You can use them to make your memory foam even. Memory foam mattress toppers normally have a different hardness which will help you in getting the right firmness for your bed.

  • Replace the box spring

Prolonging the use of a box spring mattress can make it lose its strength easily. Due to this, less support will be provided to your mattress, and this might, therefore, make your mattress to be softer and become more uncomfortable for you to sleep on. However, this should not worry you because it can be easily resolved, this can be done by purchasing a new box spring or using hard support over your box spring structure that is if your mattress is still in good condition. By doing this, you are in a position to have a very comfortable sleep.

  • Replace the damaged layers

Some mattresses are made with a number of layers that are held within the mattress cover. Some of these mattresses have a middle support layer with a comfort layer which has an insulator, a middle layer as well as a quilted layer. Now, if any of them gets damaged, then it negatively affects your mattress’ hardness. However, these layers can be replaced with another harder layer; this can be done by opening the mattress and removing the layer that is damaged and replacing it.

  • Use a plywood support

Inadequate support can make your mattress feel softer, and if the box springs are not providing your mattress with support anymore, you can, therefore, place a piece of plywood under the box springs to give your mattress the support it needs. You should ensure that the dimensions of the plywood are as exact as those of your mattress; the plywood’s edges should also be as soft as possible.

  • Flip your mattress

There are some mattresses which can be used on both sides, and those are the ones which are suitable for flipping. Flipping mattresses that are not two-sided may just cause more damage. Flipping should be done often at least after every six months; this will help in retaining the shape of your mattress as well as prolonging its life.

  • Place the mattress on the floor

You can also opt for placing that mattress on the floor; however, you will need to consider the dust, the bugs that might be on the carpet, and the colder temperatures that come from the laminated floor or tiles. However, if you are able to protect yourself from all these hazards, this can be the cheapest method of turning a softer mattress to a firm one.

The above tips are the easiest and the cheapest that one can follow to achieve the mattress firmness. It does not matter which one you choose to go for, and this will basically depend on you, the one you think best suits your budget and your understanding. However, all of them are can easily be done and with just a little cost. Why not try some of these tips; you will be amazed by the results.