How to Wash Memory Foam Pillow

Keeping your home fresh and clean is not only a matter of personal preference but also learning how to ensure the things in your home are always cleaned thoroughly. In some cases, the areas in each room can be cleaned without a lot of unnecessary hassle and can be easy to maintain on a regular basis. Based on the type of activity that must be done, there are some strategies that can easily be used. However, before you make your choice, it is important that you do a little research to see which methods are better than other options that people usually have. Having said this, here is what you need to know about the topic how to wash memory foam pillow.

1) Choose A Warm Breezy Day

The timing in which you choose to do this kind of activity can make a significant difference in getting this process done with ease. So, if you want to know the best option for getting things started and on the go, you should know that a warm breezy day is considered to be the best timing. Particularly, if you want to speed up the process of cleaning and drying your memory foam materials. You may also choose to wash these pillows more than once a month if someone in the home is ill and bedridden.

2) Clean Pillows At least Once a Month for the Best Results

While some people may prefer to sleep on a soft squishable pillow, others tend to like those pillows that have a little toughness and sturdiness to them. In either case, to ensure the pillow that the person prefers here is a good cleaning option that can be used for your pillows in your home. Hence, if you are concerned about getting the memory foam pillow cleaned and fresh, you should start with removing the pillow from its outer case. This type of cleaning should be done at least once a month for the best results.

3) Use Your Baking Soda for a Good Thorough Job

As previously referenced, you want things in your home to always remain fresh smelling and clean. In order to do this with a memory foam pillows, you should use baking soda to assist you with this kind of process. For instance, the pillow should be covered very well with baking soda so that it can be freshened up in fragrances. Once the memory foam pillows are completely covered up with the baking soda, the next step is to let them sit around for at least an hour. When the time that you have allowed is up, the next step in this process is to use your vacuum cleaner to pull out the baking soda. Most people use an upholstery brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to do so. Or, if you have one available, a handheld vacuum is perfect for this kind of job too. It is important that you also repeat this same process on both sides so that these pillows will be free of pet hair and can be freshened thoroughly.

Baking soda is an idea for a number of different reasons and purposes since it is a dry solution that freshens virtually any kind of materials. It is also great for saving money with a homemade solution that does not cost a lot of money to buy as an investment to ensure things in the home remain fresh and clean

4) Removal of Stains from the Materials and how to wash memory foam pillow

In some cases, the memory foam pillow may have a few stains on the materials and will need to be cleaned up in order to remove them without having to damage it. Thankfully, the stains can easily be removed in the person follows the activities laid out by professionals. Which is, you can use a small amount of gentle detergent on the pillow that needs washing. The gentle types of detergents that you can find are usually those that can be used to clean and wash silk items or wool. In either event, Plain lukewarm water solution is what will be needed for those stain free pretreated materials.

5) Wash By Hand — Skip the Spin Cycles

To keep these materials intact at all times, you will need to know how to not only wash these foam pillows with the best solution but also keep the materials from being adversely affected by harsh processes. Specifically, when it comes to using the spin cycle because it is harsh enough to break these materials pull apart.

6) Air Dry Each Foam Pillow

In addition to removing all of the stains via a gentle detergent process, you will need to complete the process by drying the pillows too. For instance, if you want to take advantage of the actual drying process of using the air dry system for each pillow, you can speed up the process of getting these things done.


How to Make a Mattress Firmer

To achieve a good night’s sleep, you should have a mattress that is comfortable. It is important that you get a mattress that best suits your needs. However, the mattress might get soft and uncomfortable with time due to wear and tear. This might make you think of a replacement, but this is not always an option, you can as well opt to make it firmer and go back to how it was before, below are some of the tips to help you in making your mattress firmer.

  • Adjust the bedroom’s temperature

Some mattresses tend to get softer with warmer temperatures, especially the memory foam mattresses. Therefore, you should adjust your thermostats in order to make your mattress firmer. If your mattress feels firmer during the cold weather, you can use an air conditioner during summer to make the mattress to be firm. By doing this, your sleep surface will remain at your desired temperature.

  • Mattress topper

If you have a soft mattress that is hindering you from getting a night of good sleep, you should opt for a mattress topper; this will help in making your soft mattress feel firmer. There are various mattress toppers which you can choose from. You can use them to make your memory foam even. Memory foam mattress toppers normally have a different hardness which will help you in getting the right firmness for your bed.

  • Replace the box spring

Prolonging the use of a box spring mattress can make it lose its strength easily. Due to this, less support will be provided to your mattress, and this might, therefore, make your mattress to be softer and become more uncomfortable for you to sleep on. However, this should not worry you because it can be easily resolved, this can be done by purchasing a new box spring or using hard support over your box spring structure that is if your mattress is still in good condition. By doing this, you are in a position to have a very comfortable sleep.

  • Replace the damaged layers

Some mattresses are made with a number of layers that are held within the mattress cover. Some of these mattresses have a middle support layer with a comfort layer which has an insulator, a middle layer as well as a quilted layer. Now, if any of them gets damaged, then it negatively affects your mattress’ hardness. However, these layers can be replaced with another harder layer; this can be done by opening the mattress and removing the layer that is damaged and replacing it.

  • Use a plywood support

Inadequate support can make your mattress feel softer, and if the box springs are not providing your mattress with support anymore, you can, therefore, place a piece of plywood under the box springs to give your mattress the support it needs. You should ensure that the dimensions of the plywood are as exact as those of your mattress; the plywood’s edges should also be as soft as possible.

  • Flip your mattress

There are some mattresses which can be used on both sides, and those are the ones which are suitable for flipping. Flipping mattresses that are not two-sided may just cause more damage. Flipping should be done often at least after every six months; this will help in retaining the shape of your mattress as well as prolonging its life.

  • Place the mattress on the floor

You can also opt for placing that mattress on the floor; however, you will need to consider the dust, the bugs that might be on the carpet, and the colder temperatures that come from the laminated floor or tiles. However, if you are able to protect yourself from all these hazards, this can be the cheapest method of turning a softer mattress to a firm one.

The above tips are the easiest and the cheapest that one can follow to achieve the mattress firmness. It does not matter which one you choose to go for, and this will basically depend on you, the one you think best suits your budget and your understanding. However, all of them are can easily be done and with just a little cost. Why not try some of these tips; you will be amazed by the results.