How to get more deep sleep

If a person doesn’t get enough sleep, the chances of getting depression and gaining weight are very high. Deep sleep is very important, especially when it comes to hormonal regulation as well as physical renewal. However, some people find it hard to get deep sleep because of several reasons, and some of these reasons may involve health reasons, schedule, or even stress. If you are this kind of person, then you should seek help for you to get deep sleep because it is an essential aspect of a healthy life. If you do not know how to achieve deep sleep, then you are in the right place, with these tips, you will be able to understand how to get more deep sleep.

Put off lights

Watching television or using your smartphone before going to bed is not a good idea, especially if you want to have a deep sleep. Your favorite late night movies are one of the leading culprits for sleepless nights. The blue lights from the screen trick your brain to believe that it is not nighttime yet hence making it harder for you to fall asleep.

Maintain a healthy diet

Overlooking meals and drinks is effortless, and many people do not know that the key to excellent and deep sleep is a healthy diet. You should, therefore, avoid foods like pasta and ice cream before going to bed. You must as well stay away from caffeine two hours before going to bed. Alcohol and caffeine are sleep inhibitors and should not be taken within the few hours you plan to go to bed. While some people prefer taking alcohol before sleeping because they say that it helps them fall asleep faster, but the fact is that with it, you will not be able to stay asleep the entire night.

Manage the surrounding temperature

Many people struggle with waking up due to cold or hot temperature; therefore, if you experience any of these during the night, then you should know that it is normal. Temperature can greatly affect one’s sleep; this is due to the frequent sleep interruptions hence reduce the deep sleep periods. To manage this temperature even as you sleep, you can install pod beside your bed; it will be able to automatically detect the temperature of your room and adjust to your preferred temperature hence you will be bake to fall asleep quickly and stay deeply in sleep without any disturbance.

Maintain the consistency of your bedtime

This is a very crucial aspect of getting more deep sleep. Even though it may be challenging to go to bed at the same time every day, it is very important that you do that because this can help you achieve better sleep. If you are determined to achieve good deep sleep, then it won’t be challenging at all, all you need to do is to develop a habit for this. By minting this consistency, your body will be able to find the correct cycle every night.

Track sleep

The best way to start with is to understand well how much deep sleep you are having currently. Sleep monitoring devices can help you to analyze and have a compilation of sleep data. You can be able to have a look at the whole report from the devices and how you are sleeping per day.


To have a deep sleep, you can take your time to relax and clear your mind before getting to bed. When you take time to have a relaxed mind before getting to bed, it helps you to keep away from many daily life stressors. Whether through journaling, meditation, or any other relaxation method, it is crucial to calm your brain before going to bed if you want to have a deep sleep.

Not doing big workouts or meals towards bedtime

When you are about to get to the bed, it is advisable to avoid doing heavy workouts and takings heavy meals. The effects of doing these can be linked to disrupted sleep, and in the process, reducing the amount of sleep you are likely to get. It is recommended avoiding heavy meals and workouts three hours to bedtime.

Not taking a lot of water before sleeping

This is another useful measure to take. If you want to have a quiet night free from any distractions, you need to avoid taking too much water when you are about to get to bed. When you take a lot of water, you will be forced to wake up after at short-time interval, thus disrupting your sleep. Just take a moderate amount of water when you are about to sleep.


If you have a lot of things in your mind, you will tend to spend time trying to imagine a lot of things around you or in your mind. Try as much as possible to relieve your mind from any form of stress, and it will be enough to let you have comfortable nights.

Improve your sleeping environment

To have a deep sleep, you should try your level best to make your sleeping area nit and comfortable for you. When you sleep in a comfortable bed and in a well-maintained room, you will quickly fall asleep, thus increasing your amount of sleep time. You should try to make your bedroom to be a comfortable and full relaxing area where you can recollect yourself and run away from daily activities. Treat yourself well by sleeping in a bedroom designed for great sleep.

Cut the caffeine

Most people take caffeine to try to push through the evening. It is advisable to take caffeine latest by 3 pm. Taking caffeine very late in the evening reduces your sleeping time and the quality of sleep.

Sleep-inducing sound

Inducing sounds works for many people. It is advisable to have either pink sounds or white noise. It might sound strange to some people, but we have a lot of evidence around that proves playing white or pink sounds enhances the quality of your sleep.

These are the main tips you need to follow if you want to get more deep sleep from today.